Empty weight


Max Takeoff  Weight





Bodyhigh-strength carbon fiber

Blades& landing gearfull carbon fiber

Flying Speed


Spraying Area in one flight

0.66 hectares /10mins

23.5 hectares /day 

Propulsion System

Brushless electric motor *6

Battery info

12000mAh(16000mAh optional)

High performance lithium polymer battery

Hovering time

25min (0 load)

15min (9kg load)

Max flying altitude

500m(Plant protection)

1000m(Aerial survey, etc.)

Flying prepare time


Flight Mode

Smart mode ,manual plus mode ,manual mode

RTK Technology(optional)

Plane accuracy:±8mm+1ppm

Height accuracy:±15mm+1ppm

Anti-wind ability

Force 5 Wind

Rain resistance

Light rain

Working temperature


Storage temperature


How about the efficiency of the agricultural plant protection drones?
The spray efficiency of the SY141HR is about 0.66 hectare(6600 square meters)/10mins, 23.5 hectares/day.

Can the SY141HR be customized according to the spray demand?
Yes, you need to tell us the actual demand only , our R&D team will provide you with the corresponding drone plan.

Can you share me some videos about agriculture drone spray work?
Sure, we have many videos in YouTube, you can search it as the key words, like sunwin # SY141HR # SY121HR# Agriculture drone.

If there is tree or some other obstacle on the farm , will SY141 avoid it ?
before flight , you should take the RC to walk around the tree , and mark it as an obstacle , when the drone planning its routing will avoid this tree you have marked.

Why does 141 has bi-blade propeller , not tri-blade propeller?
Bi-blade propeller can save the power , and it has more efficiency , tri-blade propeller has much lift force than bi-blade propeller , but our drone no need such big lift force , bi-blade propeller is enough , and bi-blade propeller is foldable .

In comparison with others drones, what are the benefits of the drones you provide?
The SY141HR has the advantage of significant spraying effect because of the symmetrical spray system, no duplication and no disclosure .Sunwin drones can carry a much heavier payload. All the drones have carbon fiber frame. The most important thing is that we can take many different payloads.

Which loading modules can be carried by the SY141HR?
The SY141HR can payload 10L capacity pesticide box.

In addition to agricultural plant protection, does the SY141HR drone have other uses?
l SY141HR is designed for precision variable rate application of liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides.

l Powerful propulsion system enables the SY141HR to carry up to 10 Kg of liquid payloads, combine with the speed means that an area of 0.66 hectare (6,600 square meters) can be covered in just 10 minutes.

l According to terrain and the specific needs of each mission, pilot can choose between three flight modes: Smart mode, Manual Plus mode and Manual mode. Under Smart mode, the flight can be easily planned without need for mapping knowledge or other software.

l Able to scan the below terrain in real-time, and adjust to keep a constant, centimeter accurate height above crops. Spray density is maintained even during the terrain rises and drops to ensure the optimal amount of liquid is applied at all times.

l Automatically records its current and past coordinates, when depleted battery or spraying liquid happen, SY141HR can one-key returns to the started point, once the battery is changed or the tank is refilled, flight can easily be resumed from the last point in its memory.

lHighly portable, with foldable design.  

Is RTK standard?
The RTK technology of the SY141HR is optional. The hovering accuracy of the SY141HR without RTK technology is about ±1m. Using RTK technology, the plane accuracy range is ±8mm+1ppm and height accuracy is ±15mm+1ppm.

What are the main components of the SY141HR UAV system?
The main components of the UAV system mainly include main engine, the ground control station, the remote control, and the pesticide box.

Does the drone contain lightning protection modules?
The fuselage of the drones is made of carbon fiber. The fuselage itself is a conductor, which can export thunder and protect the internal parts of the fuselage. In addition, drones generally don’t fly in lightning weather.

Is hydrogen fuel longer life and more advantages than lithium battery?
Hydrogen fuel cells are generally used in the military industry, with constant power output and low wind resistance. They are only suitable for flying in a stable and windless environment.

The problem about drone’s price .
The price of drones varies mainly depending on the product and the loading conditions involved. For details, please consult our sales manager via Skype.

Do you provide warranty for your drones?

The warranty is valid for one year. Of course, there is a possibility of extending the warranty period, it’s depending on the volume of the order.

Do you provide after-sale service? What cover warranty?
Besides 24 hours contact availability, during the warranty period,Sunwin is also responsible for providing the replacing parts caused by drone itself. However, Sunwin will not take the responsibility if the malfunction is caused by the operators.

Do you provide instructions on how to operate a UAV?
Sunwin provides the UAV flight training, but the training will be exclusively offered in Beijing and Hefei, Anhui China. We have a professional UAV training institution authorized by CAAC, authenticated by AOPA. Teaching our customers how to use our UAV and professional engineers will give you the best technical support. It is completely free of charge (meals and accommodation are not covered) and takes 3~6 days to complete.

How could I become an official Sunwin distributor?
Sunwin welcomes potential distributors to pay a visit to its factory for the demonstration of our competence, sharing ideas and discussing face to face partnership. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

What do I have to bear in mind before my first flight?
l Make sure you are in an open and safe environment.

l Make sure the drone is placed on a flat surface.

l Keep in mind that surrounding electromagnetic signals might affect the performance of the drone.

l Compass Calibration is always highly suggested before each flight.

l Never start in normal mode and then switch to GPS mode when the drone is off the ground. The drone will only set the home location when taking off in GPS mode. This is the main cause of pilot error fly always as the drone will attempt to fly back to its previously set home point.


Model of UAV  File Size  Click to Download
SY141HR Hexacopter 1.60MB 
SY141HR Download- Specification.rar