Aerial Survey and Photography

Drones can be used in aerial survey and photography as follows


The advantages of the UAV aerial survey and photography

l  Portable , easy operation, response quickly, fly autonomously.

l  Modular design, flight platform can payload various pint-sized remote sensor, which is easy to operate monitoring function, to meet many demands of monitoring rapidly.

l  Low cost, low speed, long endurance, long sailing distance, high reliability, clear shooting effect, large scale, small area, high Immediacy and reality.

l  Planning flight course by ground system, DPTZ combined with the GPS, positioning accuracy, finished the flight task autonomously.

l  1km low altitude operation, highly integration rain proof design. Good resistance to wind, lower requirements for the weather.

l  Lower requirements for the take-off and landing environment, easy to move and change the place, adapt to the complex outdoor environment flexibly for surveying and mapping and get the accurate image. Not only can fulfill the aerial photography task operated by the manned aircraft, but also can reach to the field that the traditional ways can't get to.

l  Finishing the task in a short time, users can get multiple data format and modeling at one flight of surveying and mapping, as well as the results which users need in time.
l  Only need to collect information on a few field photo-control, economize on manpower.