Electrical Powerline Inspection

Drones can be used in electrical powerline inspection as follows




Drones can finish the operation system of overhead transmission line task when carry with visible light camera,infrared ray camera and other inspection equipments. Not only it can reduce the malfunction rate when in the process of manual patrol,but also valid reduces the cost budgets of electric enterprise and improves the efficiency of electrical powerline inspection.  

Main application scenes of UAV in electrical powerline inspection

 Powerline inspection

Develop powerline inspection, locating rod,open the malfunction angle of powerline,can inspection with power.

Powerline erection

Using the drone lay the guide rope to set up the line, it is easy to solve the inconvenience of the long corridor,complex topography,dense forests of the valleys & rivers which line passes when in erection of process transmission line.  

 Powerline planning

With the UAV mapping system, it is possible to comprehensively take various factors into account,make the regional planning and route direction more reasonable,and effectively reduce the country's construction cost for transmission lines.  

The advantages of UAV erection compared to traditional erection

l Overcoming ground obstacles and abnormal climate,strong adaptability of working environment, high accuracy.

l UAV can patrol and inspect the electrical line when it's with power,ensuring security use of electricity,more efficient than manual inspection.

l 360-degree angle to inspect line to make up for the blind area of artificial operation,quick response for emergency.