UAV Solar PV Panel Inspection
Dones can be used in Solar PV Panel Inspection as follows


The common option for the photovoltaic system operator would be conducting regular inspection using thermal and optical equipment. Our drone system now becomes an ideal carrier for such mission. With special designed infrared/optical payload and imaging processing algorithm we could increase the efficiency of the inspection to its highest level. Minimum human workload is required since almost everything is carried out automatically.

Inspection procedures
Planning the task and route on the ground station.
Drawing the desired route to cover the area needs to be inspected. Height and speed at each road point can be specified easily with friendly GUI. Taking photos at certain pace ensure proper overlap and accuracy.


2.Collecting thermal and optical information.
Our drone could fly alone the preset course fully automatically. Photos and thermal images will be taken and stored on board.  

Processing the data and identifying defects.
The collected data will be downloaded and processed with our algorithm. All kinds of defects can be detected such as dirt stains, bird waste, microcracks, hot spots, internal corrosion etc.


Generating reports.
A final report will be generated to indicate the found defects and their locations, so that maintenance could be dispatched precisely to its location.


How can we reply on the latest drone & robot technology and artificial intelligence to finish fastest & economic inspection and  maintenance?

The drone can be used for inspecting the top area of solar panel.

l   Check the surface whether have micro-cracks on the panel or not.

l   Identify the cleanliness of the panel

l   Check the surface whether have snow and ice on the panel or not.

l   Check the surface whether have bird waste, sand, red spots, internal corrosion on the panel or not.

The robot can be used for inspecting the bottom area of solar panel.

l   Check the battery board bracket whether have looseness and breakage or not.

l   Check the metal bracket of the solar panel whether has corrosion or not

l   Check if the battery board cable and ground wire whether have falling off or not.

l   Check the junction box whether have heat phenomenon or not.

l   Check whether the weeds covered the panels or not.

Both drones and robots can timely process, analyze, summarize, record, and archive these issues which be detected by itself.