Communication Relay
Drones can be used in communication relay as follows


Taking SY4000T Tethered UAV as an example: when the nature disaster happens, such as the earthquake, flood, debris flow, the ground communications facilities would be destroyed then caused the communication interrupted. SY 4000T UAV could payload the telecommunications base stations then reach to the aerial of the disaster site rapidly and conveniently to build an airborne mobile platforms to achieve the emergency communication.


Features of the UAV communication relay

l Deployed rapidly

UAV carry the telecommunications base stations to provide the communications network based on the air base station. It can be deployed in 5mins, and can coordinate with the portable Satellite terminals to finish the deploying rapidly by air drop.

lLong hovering time

Tethered UAV and the air base station were connected with the ground power supply by the Photoelectric composite cable, which ensured the uninterrupted power and transmission, providing 24 hours hovering time.

lFlexible coverage

The height of the Tethered UAV can be adjustable in 300m. Operators can adjust the lifting height according the application range, to meet all kinds of emergency rescue demand.

lGood extensibility

It can deployed with the communication van, reuse the generator, satellite return, COW of the emergency communication vehicle, to extend the coverage of the emergency communication vehicle and the system capacity.

Advantages of the UAV communication relay

With five features, such as the response quickly, operation easily, coverage flexibly, guarantee uninterrupted, Good extensibility. It can get through the network where the emergency communication vehicle can’t reach. It's the best vehicle for the communication support when the road is destroyed and the disaster area is quite large in the earthquake, flood and debris flow.